EVENT REPORT: The Greeley Jibulation


11am.  Snow on 16th st.


All hands on deck.  The Northern Colorado Riders BOD and members worked hard all day to setup the event.


Friends of box.


Turning the landing from a rock bed to a smooth landing was no easy task.  NCR membership director, Justin Jergensen, was on it all day!


In case you didn’t notice in the previous pictures, this stupid car was inconveniently parked in between our drop-in van and takeoff.  This car was illegally parked for over six hours and after contacting the Greeley Traffic and Police departments, simply had to wait for the culprit to arrive.


So, in the meantime, Dirty Dave Giordano got creative.


Slingshot 50-50.


The crowd was epic.  Everyone stayed patient and waited out our dilemma.  Eventually, we took the risk of flip-flopping the setup and pointing up hill and it paid off.


Adam Hoppe taking the nosepress for the win and officially kicking the event off!

Austin Doughty

Eric White


Huge thanks to The Northern Colorado Rider’s BOD, Joel at Rome Snowboards, Liz at Monster Energy, DJ Matty Dice, the entire staff at BLACKLIST, and the City of Greeley for making this event happen!